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There has never been a book like the North American Soccer Guide. Every level of soccer, from international and professional to amateur and youth. Expert commentary on last season and a comprehensive look at the current soccer year, plus a look back at landmarks in the history of the game in the U.S. and Canada. Get the game in the palm of your hand - Get the Guide

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Created by people who know the game

The North American Soccer Guide was created by some of the most experienced and accomplished journalists in North American soccer, an array of award-winning talent who have covered the game throughout North America and around the world. Their expert insight makes the guide essential for everyone who loves the beautiful game.

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All the facts, figures, stats and history

The North American Soccer Guide combines a concise look at the past year with an informative overview of the current season, capped by a glance back at the all-time greats and great moments that have contributed to the growth of soccer in North America. Season recaps, results, rosters, stats, award-winners, all-time champions and more are all part of the North American Soccer Guide.

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